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Member Experience with Fit Radio

We have everything you need in one simple productivity app. With a few awards under our belt, you can trust us

Fitradio Access

Access to the Fit Radio app to provide your gyms & trainers with 10K+ playlists created specifically for fitness by our talented DJs


Digital Experience for your members to connect with you & your playlists on Fit Radio.

DJ Collaboration

Collaborate with our DJs to create custom mixes for your classes & gyms


Our Happy Clients

We love working with Fit Radio on all of our major mobile application projects. They are always communicative and work creatively with our team to help us solve most of our development requests. They are a true partner to our team here at Gold’s and always work tirelessly to ensure that our business goals are met.

NicoleGold's Gym | Digital Engagement

I can't imagine my life as a Group Fitness Instructor without Fit Radio! Every style, genre, and tempo can be easily found in their vast library and time-based workouts are a breeze to teach with the built-in timer. It's vital for us to stay current and connected to the music that is trending and Fit Radio makes that easy. Fit Radio is truly the best tool in my instructor toolbox!

AbreaLife Time Fitness | Group Fitness National Education Manager

We're really excited about the corporate move of recommending your app, as it gives us access to a wider range of new and edgy music than we had beforehand

SaraXtend Barre | Gym Owner

A Music Experience that Everyone
Can Depend On

Quality Playlists

Because we have DJs creating our playlists, the music will never stop or lull between songs. Our mixes maintain a consistent and energetic pace to keep listeners feeling motivated the entire time.

Mixes for any occasion

No matter what genre you choose, you’ll always receive high energy playlists full of popular artists, sort music by genre, workout-type, bpm, mood, DJ, style, and more. We have over 10K+ custom playlists to choose from with 150+ new mixes added a month.

Analytics that matter

Our staff utilizes data from our individual workout users from all across the country to ensure that the mixes we provide are popular before they ever enter your class. We’ll give you access to our content team to ensure the mixes are formatted properly for each of your classes.


Want to include music licensing management onto your package?

Music Licensing

Cover the music played in your gym and your group fitness classes for all the PROs (ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, & GMR)


Royalty report management for all the PROs (ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, & GMR)


“Do we Have to Pay Royalties? We’re Already Paying for Music.”

As you may or may not know, gyms and studios are responsible for paying performance publishing rates for all music played over a speaker. If you play music inside your fitness classes, this rate is even higher and is not covered by background music business services.

Many gyms are not paying some or all of the Performance Rights Organizations (BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, & GMR) and are putting themselves at risk of potential litigation.


Fit Radio will Manage all of Your Licensing Needs.

Fit Radio will now cover all the PRO rates for your location(s) for a flat monthly fee + handle all of the reporting requirements for each PRO.


Not all music services qualify for commercial use. Be sure to pick one legally licensed for your business.

(This information does not serve as legal advice. Please consult with an attorney or the Performance rights organizations)

What exactly do I need to stay legal and avoid fines in my business?

To be legal in your business, you need:

  1. a commercially licensed music service (Fit Radio for gyms)
  2. to obtain a music performance license (stated by copyright laws)

You have two options on how to obtain your music license

  1.  file the paperwork directly with the PROs (performance rights organizations)
  2.  we could manage it for you as a thank you for being on our business subscription.

Why do I need the business subscription vs the regular Fit Radio Premium?

As laid out in our terms and conditions, Fit Radio Premium is intended for personal entertainment only (such as headphones or car stereo) and not for commercial use. This means it can’t be broadcasted or played publicly from a business, such as gyms. If you want to stream music in a commercial environment, you will need our business subscription. It is legally licensed for commercial use. Spotify, Apple Music & Pandora also prohibit commercial usage as stated in their terms & agreement.

Commercial subscriptions are more expensive because we pay royalty fees based on the amount of music you stream and the amount of people you stream it to. If you’re streaming music to hundreds of people during the duration of your business hours, we are paying out a significantly higher amount on your account vs you using it privately in your earpods while going on a jog.

If I’m using the Fit Radio commercial version, Why do I need to obtain music licensing?

Fit Radio must obtain a music license to provide a music service. Business owners must obtain a music performance license to play the music in a public setting.

Copyright laws require businesses playing music to have a music performance license to avoid liability for copyright infringement. Non payment is a violation of the United States Copyright Act and can result in fines up to $150k.

Music licensing companies, also known as PROs (performance rights organizations) collect fees to fairly compensate the artists (e.g. singers, song writers, composers, producers) whose music work you use when playing their songs in your business.

In your gym/fitness studio, as a business owner, you will also have to pay back to the artists a sum of money for the hundreds of people enjoying their music work. That is what your music license is with the performance rights organizations (PROs). There are four main PROs in the United States, ASCAP, BMI, GMR & SESAC.

This music license covers the amount of money that your business is paying back to artists for using and broadcasting their artistic work to an audience.

Can I pay just 1 out of the 4 PROs?

Most music streaming services, including ours, play a large catalog of music from different artists. Each of the copyright holders (singer, song writer, composer, producer) can be represented by any of the 4 PROs.

For Example, let’s take the very popular Whitney Houston song “I Will Always Love You”. The song’s copyright holder for the lyrics is Dolly Parton through her music publishing company, Velvet Apple Music, affiliated with BMI for their public rights licensing needs. Whitney Houston is affiliated with ASCAP for her public rights licensing needs.

How are my music licensing fees calculated?

Music license fees are based on your business type, the surface of your location (in square feet), total weekly group class capacity and total members.

The more guests that will listen to the music and artists you play, the higher the fees.

Music licensing is to pay and support the work of artists, composers & producers of songs.

Which license do I need for the commercial use in my business?

This is dependent on if you’re using the music in the background of your lobby/gym floor or for fitness classes.

Does my $49.99/month subscription cover any of my music licensing fees?

It does not. There are currently no music streaming services that cover music licensing for gyms or businesses that charge membership or admission fees. These services may claim to cover background licenses for gyms but it would only pertain to a gym that didn’t charge admission (ex: gyms in your local apartment complex or spa). You can get more clarity by reading about their licensing terms, reaching out to the PROs or consulting with an attorney.

The good news is that as a subscriber to our business account, you have the option to use Fit Radio as a third party representative to manage the music licensing for you. We do not mark these rates up. They are set by the PROs. We simply roll the fees into your monthly subscription and pay it on your behalf. We will also handle your paperwork and music reporting.

This is an additional service we provide to continue bringing value to our users. Our goal is to alleviate the headaches of music licensing, ensure you have proper coverage and make it easier.

Contact us to learn more.